Exclusive interview


What a trip! 😉 I just loved it! I met tons of cool (and not so cool :p) people, learned amazing new stuff and I even got interviewed for this high end fashion magazine!!!


Exclusive interview with Angela!



The best thing about being Angela is
I’m so enthusiastic about well… nearly everything! I’m pretty happy-go-lucky and I seek new exciting experiences all the time.

…and the worst is
I tend to get myself into trouble sometimes… Whoops!

How do you like to spend your free time?
The thing I enjoy most is having fun with my best friends Kitty, Jenny and Virginia! I love them so much, they make my life complete <3!


What was your best moment in high school?
Getting rid of my braces WOOHOO! 😀

…and the funniest
That definitely has to be my first kiss! He had braces too; guess what happened…?

What makes you really angry?

What’s your favorite song?
That’s easy… “This is Me”, of course!

Mom always taught me to
Follow my heart!

My biggest mistake in relationships has always been
Falling for the wrong guy!

The last text message I received said
Good luck on the Become Truly contest, sis! You’re the best and I love you!

And was from
My sister, Emily

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